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Second Mommy's Home Daycare has been providing quality child care for five years. CPR and First Aid certified.  Here, your child will receive individualized care. You can feel confident that your child will be learning and playing with a great small group of children. We pride ourselves on our daycare experience without the worries of larger facilities. Smaller group care means decreased risk of spreading illnesses, while still learning how to interact well with other children and having new experiences. Schedule a visit today and come see how much fun home daycare can be!

Why Bring Your Child

Our approach to day care is a bit different than other facilities. Everything in our facility is designed to engage children, providing them plenty of space along with stimulation and secure interaction. Whether learning to move their bodies or involved in interactive play with others, the children at our day care center are given the encouragement and support needed to grow.

Our Mission Statement

We are a loving, boundary based facility utilizing positive discipline for personal accountability and self control.  We focus our academics to exceed expectations of the norm.  We also encompass each child's well roundedness to include self confidence, good manners, courtesy for others, self respect as well as respect for others.

You Are Welcome Anytime!

We understand the stress you are under when you must leave your little one with someone else. You may call, check in, or visit anytime of the day to put yourself at ease.

Infants (6-Weeks to 15-Months)

Babies need plenty of rest as well as affectionate care. With a one to four infant to care giver ratio, your baby is sure to receive all the needed attention.

Toddlers & Preschoolers (16 months to 3 Years)

Exploring is important for a toddler, as well as learning the English language. Upon parents approval, I like to incorporate the Spanish language as well. Kids are like sponges at this age, they pick up key words fast! The child care we provide encourages and supports the need for toddlers to gain independence, communication, and interactions.


We work each day on our colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabet. Story time is also incorporated to help with learning and developmental skills.

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Quality Equipment

We often get rid of outdated toys and equipment  to keep items fresh. Many imagination, sensory learning, and educational toys are available for usage.


Second Mommy's Home Care is located in a safe neighborhood and we often go to the park and walks when weather permits.

Healthy Meals

State certified program meals and snacks are available to ensure healthy foods.

We invite you to explore the rest of our site so you could learn more about us and the care we offer. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about our services. We would love to hear from you!

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